Onions and garlic clove always add great flavor to many meals. But allow me to reveal to you a cooking technique on preparing them which will really boost the flavor of the dishes. Your visitors will rave regarding your cooking.

Many dishes demand onions and garlic clove within their recipes. You chop them up, saute them for several minutes

and you’re done. This is when, for me, they miss the taste boat.

After I was more youthful I’d watch my husband’s Italian Nana, prepare spaghetti sauce and many other dishes and guess what happens she’d do? She’d always, finely chop the onion and gradually

saute them in essential olive oil for around 35 to 40 minutes. It had been a reasonably slow process, because she’d have a tendency to

the onions, stirring them frequently they gradually cooked. Eventually the onion would prepare lower (to just about 1 / 2 of what she began with) and switch a pleasant golden brown.

Once the onion involved done Nana would add fresh minced garlic clove and saute the entire mixture another

four to five minutes. The aroma was wonderful. Her spaghetti sauce was incredible which is why I

believe her dishes were so scrumptious.

And So I began by using this technique each time I designed a dish that known as for onion and garlic clove. Guess what happens? Each time I sauteed the onion gradually in essential olive oil my dishes were more flavorful. Special for a moment.

Now I personally use this little technique each time I make spaghetti sauce, casseroles, beef stroganoff,

taco soup and then any other dish that requires onion and garlic clove.

After I designed a Pampered Chef casserole with egg, zucchini, onion and garlic clove and used my little technique.

Well without a doubt, that dish disappeared fast with lots of demands for that recipe. After I chose to make this dish formerly without needing my onion technique the dish was nothing special.

So if you possess the time, but it’s certainly worthwhile, try Nana’s tip. One factor to help keep in

mind would be that the onion cooks lower to simply about 50 % of the items starting with. So use double of

onion the recipe requires. Don’t be concerned if it appears as though method to much onion. Once it cooks lower, the

amount is going to be perfect.

Again, here’s all there’s into it:

Finely slice the quantity of onion you’ll need. Pour essential olive oil right into a fry pan. Be generous here.

There’s no set amount. Say three or four tablespoons for just one onion. Turn heat onto medium high. Add some onion stirring frequently, until it’s reduced by 1/3 to at least oneOr2. When the onion seems to become cooking too quickly, turn the temperature lower to low. Just make certain the onion does not burn.

Whenever you think it’s done, after 35 to 40 minutes, add some minced garlic clove and prepare yet another four to five minutes.

You will love the taste.