To Preserve or otherwise Preserve, thatrrrs the true question!

You’ve frequently heard marketing campaigns singing the praises of “natural organic commercial dog food”! This is the commercial dog food made sans such preservative chemicals as propylene glycol, BHA, or BHT. You might have even heard how bad grain goods are for dogs and cats. Grain, really?

So after being inundated with information, you most likely seem like pushing from the data onslaught with a few questions of your, like:

So why do chemical commercial dog food preservatives have this type of bad rap?

In the end, you wouldn’t want rancid food, right? You could attempt cold storage rather of preservatives, but refrigerating food consumes energy. (You want to conserve energy, don’t we? However, I do not recommend eliminating your refrigerator in the near future!)

I believe the issue with chemical food preservatives is based on their side-effects.

Let us look take BHT for instance:

The preservative Butylated Hydroxytoluene, or BHT, is definitely an anti-oxidant food additive which will help prevent alterations in taste or color. BHT is mainly accustomed to preserve fat content in foods however, it’s also utilized in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, jet fuels, rubber, oil products, electrical transformer oil, and embalming fluid. Yes, I stated embalming fluid. Yikes!

Searching in the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for BHT is downright spine tingling:

Do not let the substance to go in the atmosphere.

Combustible, stay away from fire or flame.

Ingestion causes abdominal discomfort, confusion, dizziness, nausea, and vomiting.

The substance might have strange effects around the liver.

The substance is dangerous to marine microorganisms.

Maybe BHT ought to be marketed being an appetite suppressor because after studying that I am not hungry. After which obviously additionally there’s all of the media hype regarding commercial dog food recalls and pet deaths.

Let’s say in the end the well-publicized commercial dog food safety recalls you do not trust commercial commercial dog food whatsoever? What should you rather feed your pet people food? (The funny factor here’s that people assume people meals are safe!)

Most professionals suggest that table scraps (i.e. human food) not comprise greater than 10% of the pet’s dietary intake. However, if in the end the various recalls you do not trust store-bought pet food and you’ve got made the decision to talk about your people food with Fido, allow me to share my people food additive recipe which i prepare in your own home in my dog:

Home-Made Pet Food Additive:

(Note: Actual portion size can differ upon how big your pet and the quantity of enhancer you need to store for future use.)

1 Farmed Salmon Fillet (Farmed Salmon is less inclined to contain mercury.)

½ cup Brown Grain (Gluten-free)

1 cup Carrots (Cubed or Sliced Fine)

1 cup Petit Peas

½ cup Sweet Taters

Preparation: Bake or grill Salmon until congratulations. Slice into fine pieces, remove any bones if there are any. Put aside. Boil brown grain until tender. Boil or steam carrots and peas until tender (you might boil the peas, carrots, and grain together if you’re able to. Then, the grain will absorb the minerals and vitamins in the peas and carrots that otherwise might have otherwise been lost!) Steam sweet taters until tender after which mash the sweet taters.

Combine all ingredients, stirring until they be a fine mash.

To Keep: Place additive into multiple small containers and refrigerate. If you’d like to keep the additive for any lengthy time period it keeps well frozen.

For Everyone: Stir mixture (2-6 fork-fills/per bowl) intensely into lean beef, chicken, or lamb for any well-balanced meal.

Following a talk to my vet I recognized I desired to create liver organ healthier in my dog by supplying vital nutrients which may be otherwise missing from such table scraps. The table below explains my diet:

Salmon: Provides healthy omega-3 essential fatty acids and bioactive peptides (great for joint cartilage).

Brown Grain: Provides the vital minerals manganese, selenium, magnesium, and also the amino acidity tryptophan.

Carrots: Vitamins A and C, iron, and calcium. These have tremendous benefits for vision, skin health, plus they assist in preventing cancer and strokes.

Peas: Phenolic acids, omega-3 and 6 essential fatty acids, beta-carotene, and traces of e vitamin.

Sweet Taters: Beta-carotene, vit a, peonidins and cyanidins which prevent free-radicals from developing within our cells.

Essentially all-natural, organic commercial dog food choices are perfect for your dog. However, if you are really concered about all commercial commercial dog food and also you enjoy cooking, you can create your own house-made commercial dog food like the one in the above list.