While it is usually safe to brew beer at home, there are some things that could go wrong and cause accidents or injuries. Thankfully, one thing you do not have to worry about is the beer. Although it may not come out tasting great the first few times around, it will not kill you. If you mess up the brewing process, the worst you get is a bad tasting beer.

Exploding Beer Bottles – Yes, this genuinely an issue when you brew beer at home. The reason this happens is because of co2 pressure. It builds up and has nowhere to escape and the bottle goes bang. This usually happens when the beer is bottled and has not been given enough time to finish fermenting. It could also be because the bottle was too weak and should not have been used for this kind of process.

If you have just ordered co2 refill, take some time to carry about a quick check of all your components to make sure everything is working right. Always give your beer time to ferment – 2 weeks, even if it says 10 days on the box.

Carboy Explosion – This is similar to the problem mentioned above, but it happens due to different reasons. The airlock generally gets plugged and cannot release any air, this causes a build-up of pressure and the carboy explodes. Check your equipment to avoid this scenario and make sure your carboy and bottles are stored in a closed compartment.

The Keg – After you brew beer from a keg, before you open it, do not forget to slowly bleed off some pressure. Excess gas can cause a massive build up in pressure, which causes the top to fly off. Although this is funny when nobody is near, it can cause a serious accident if anybody is close by.

Burns – You can burn yourself in quite a few ways when you brew home beer, that is why you must be vigilant. The propane burner is the obvious culprit and so is the hot wort. You should also hold off on the cigarette while you operate gas tanks.

Although home brewing is safe, there are some steps you can take to avoid any accidents or injuries. Make sure you identify some of the dangers and fully understand the brewing process before you try to brew from home. The points mentioned above are only a small sample of what to look out for when brewing.